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Nice typ, excellent head enough pigment on the nose, excellent ears set good rib cage, excellent topline and tail set, well anguladed ,good quality of coat,nice movements
Judge Monika Blaha
So proud breeder!!
Big congrats fru Lauridsen,well done!

News from England! Tsachillie's Glorius Glittra aka Grace got ini Richmond 9 september 2016 qualified for Crufts 2017 Big Congrats to ower Gill Suttie

Int.Eslöv 11.09.2016

Se uch Tsachillie's Glorius Cheyenne BOB,cacib

Nord uchTsachillie's Amazing Matilda best bitch 2 r -cacib

Tsachillie's Amazing Eloise best bitch 4 r-cac

Tsachillie's Amazing Florencia best female puppy 3

Kennel Tsachillie's best breedingclass with HP and number 4 in the BIS finale with tree combinations from : C.I.B NO V -11 Nord v -11 Nord v -12 Nord uch Se v-10 Kaltoft's Amazing Kicki
Domare Svein Björnes

Tågarp SDHK 10.09.2016

New Swedish Champion ,BOS, CAC Tsachillie's Skirner of Scandia

Big congrats to owner Jytte Bröchner

BIR OCH BIM Tågarp 10.09.2016 Bim ,cert and new Swedish champion Tsachillie's Skirner of Scandia Bir ,cert to Alexanders daughter Rackarcottarnas Swedich Beauty owner Pia Rickardt-Gustafsson

Nat.Öland 04.09.2016


 Tsachillie's Amazing Florencia BOB PUPPY Judge Henrik Johansson

National dogshow at Backamo 27.08.2016

New champion! Tsachillie's Amazing Matilda was Se uch Dk uch No uch and therby she become Nord uch 160828 in Backamo !!Big congrats owner Rikke Lametsch Lauridsen.

Se uch Tsachillie's Glorius Cheyenne: best bitch 2, Tsachillie's Alexander The Great best male 3 och Tsachillie's Skirner of Scandia best male 4 r-cac( judge Ewa Nielsen) and Kennel Tsachillie's got 1 th place in breeding class HP with 3 combinationes after C.i.a No V-11 Nord uch Nord V-11 Nord V-12 Se V-10 Kaltoft's Coton Amazing Kicki.Kennel Tsachillie's best breeding group 1 th place with HP

Minigruppens rasspecial 28.08.2016 Backamo.

Tsachillie's Amazing Florencia Best puppy 4-6 month and BIS PUPPY .Judge Lisa Molin

National dogshow 09.07.2016 Tvååker.

Tsachillie's Alexander the Great :Best male and BOS


Kennel Tsachilles 1th place in breeding class HP with 4 combinations after C.i.b No v-11 Nord Uch Nord v-11 Nord v -12 Se v-10 Kaltoft's Coton Amazing Kicki
And in breeding group: 1th place with HP
Thanks to judge Arne Foss for a nice judgement!

International dogshow 08.07.2016 Tvååker.

Tsachillie's Skirner of Scandia: Best male 3 Cacib. Owner Jytte Bröchner
Tsachillie's Alexander The Great: Best male 4 R-cacib

Kennel Tsachillies:1th place Breeding class HP with 3 combinations and 1th place in Breedinggroup HP

Thanks to judge Ann-Christin Johnsson

Nat.Borås 03.07.16

Tsachillie's El Paso Aslan aka Sigge.Best male cac and Bos
Big congrats to owner Carina and handler Emilia

Thanks to the judge Inger Ronander

Tsachillies best breeding class and breeding group with HP

Wow ...they do it so very well
Int.Malmö 19.03.2016

First out in the ring and puppy class BOB puppy
Tsachillie's El Paso Aslan aka Sigge
Tsachillie's Amazing Eloise aka Vilda
Tsachillie's Amazing Matilda BOB.CAC.CACIB
Tsachillie's Skirner of Scandia aka Philippe BOS.CAC.CACIB
And the mom Kaltofts Amazing Kicki to all of them best championfemale 2 with excellent..wow what's a day for Tsachillie' s i'm so ...proud

Tsachillie's Amazing Dior excellent in juniorclass
Thanks to judge Jacobs Rainer

Click on the small picture for a big picture

My Dog 10.01.2016 Göteborg

Tsachillie's Alexander the Great
1 championclass.4 best male with r-cacib
Thanks to Monica for photos and thank you all for a nice day on My Dog!

 My Dog 09.01.2016
Se uch Tsachillie's Alexander th

e Great
1 championclass Best Male 4 with r-cacib
Tsachillie's Fricco of Scandia 2 ukl
with very nice critique

Tsachillie's Amazing Matilda Best ukl Best female 3 in a tough final.

Kennel Tsachillies
Best Progeny Group in
Coton De Tulear 2016

in the breed Club Sweden the second year in a row, after my Lovely female
C.i.a nord uch no v -11 nord v-11 nord v- 12 se v - 10 Kaltoft's Amazing Kicki
And also Best breeding class 2016 för my kennel.

So proud and Thank you all of you who have a part of my success Love you


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